More dismanteling

I have started preparing the wood for the bed in my workshop, which takes up one half of my garage. I’ll have to glue up thinner boards to get to the right thickness for the wood in the frame of the bed.  In the meantime, I am getting the rear belt systems out. Removing the valance …
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Removal cont. 2

I have two lights that switch on when the rear doors are opened. They have to be removed, but I have plans to reinstall one or both of them at a later time, so I have to be careful not to damage them. Everything nicely installed with connectors and screws, thus it took me only minutes …
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Removal cont. 1

After yesterday’s sofa bed, today I’ll keep it simple by only removing a few small items. Next in line is the inside luggage rack, composed of just a few strips attached thru the carpet to the subfloor. Those were gone a few minutes later. Originally I bought this van as a Mark III conversion van; the …
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Time for the Beast

  Lots of planning, designing and redesigning has taken place. Now it is time to do the physical work.     Today I started to remove the sofa bed. A quick look showed it was attached with 4 bolts to the car frame.   Working alone could have been a problem, but I managed to remove all four …
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