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guide to flooring
The Ultimate Guide To Flooring

Creating a (sub)floor as part of the conversion of a cargo van is a fairly straightforward process. Yet many construction types and materials have to be chosen in advance, to head off any unexpected complications that can influence the integrity of the entire project.

The Cabin Curtain Project

Insulating an RV is a controversial project among RV owners. With such a great variety of products and even more opinions about the ones to use, it’s unavoidable that individual choices will lead to multiple solutions, customized to local climates and personal convictions. This guide highlights some of the solutions.

Guide to an Insulated RV Floor

RV Floor Vent Guide

How To Install A Cabin Curtain

The Guides To Parking Sensors

Add a sensor behind the front and/or rear bumper, that gives you an additional audible signal, when backing up or parking up close with the front of your vehicle.

12V & Solar Resources

The Ford Transit CCP
Customer Connection Point

Dual USB Socket Installation Guide

The Ford Transit CCP
Customer Connection Point

Dual USB Socket Installation Guide

RV Electrical System Sizing Spreadsheet

Sizing solar always starts with establishing demand. This is partly an exact science (add amps from appliances), partly guesswork (how often do you use lights, heater, etc.). This spreadsheet includes a calculation of the number of solar panels and batteries for your RV.

Ultimate Guide to Semi-Flexible Solar Panels

How to make small RV’s comfortable by installing inconspicuous & low-profile solar panels.

Ford Transit

2015 Ford Transit Features List

2015 Ford Transit Owners Manual

Ford Transit Maintenance Schedule

2015 Ford Transit Body and Equipment Mounting Manual
2015 Ford Transit CAD Drawing
2015 Cargo Van Comparisons

This 55-page cargo van comparison will satisfy the RV enthusiasts, who focus on cargo floor length, interior height and weight rating requirements.

Ultimate Guide to Buying a Vehicle

Finding a good deal on a new vehicle has always been a challenge and the Internet has only made things more complicated. OK, now you can research the invoice price of any vehicle, but when you try three separate websites, you’ll probably get three different invoice amounts. And you may still have to do some bargaining over your trade-in. I researched this topic extensively and came up with an action plan. It may not be decisive, but may change the odds a bit in my favor and improve my chances on a good deal.

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